About Us

Ceptors Batting Gloves was born from the passion and frustration of three New York natives who shared a love for baseball. One of the founders, a parent tired of overpriced premium gloves and their lackluster performance in wet conditions, envisioned a better solution. Teaming up with a childhood friend renowned for crafting quality leather goods, and another friend brought on board, they set out to create a premium leather batting glove that could withstand rainy games and retain its quality through drying.

Drawing inspiration from their own kids and young players on Long Island, the trio designed the first 11 gloves of Ceptors, infusing them with practical features. With a commitment to addressing gaps in the market, the founders aspire to expand their product line beyond gloves, targeting other baseball essentials that either lack key features or are unfairly priced for their quality. Ceptors is not just a brand; it's a testament to innovation, quality, and a dedication to enhancing the baseball experience for players of all levels.